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Mostly, I spend time on marketing and real estate over at Elite Agent. I'm also dabbling in no-code projects at the moment. This is one of them.

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Seven years ago I decided to leave the corporate world behind to become an entrepreneur, pursuing a dream to be my own boss, while creating a better news and information source for the real estate industry.

Along with my husband Mark, we founded a magazine for real estate agents called Elite Agent. This has now grown into much more than a magazine - we now have a podcast and a daily newsletter, plus we run industry events, help clients with their marketing and more.

My no code projects

My first no code project was an app for our recent 30-day challenge "Transform XII". I made this with Glide and Google Sheets. My current project is an app for Elite Agent readers, subscribers and coaching students.

The elite agent app

My current no code project is the Elite Agent App. Basically this is for helping our readers and pro members curate their favourite content, connect with other members. It also allows agents to complete their CPD, find replays from coaching sessions and more.

100 days no code challenge

On January 1, I decided to take up the #100daysofnocode challenge. Here's my diary, created from a base in Airtable.

#day5 assignment

Our day 5 assignment was to create a form and embed it. Here's mine.

#day6 assignment

Our day 6 assignment was to create a resources sheet and publish it. Here's mine.


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